A hands-on approach to healing.


Here at Wellum Chiropractic Clinic, we practice a balanced approach to wellness that has been the key to a healthier life for thousands of area patients. Our treatment places a special focus on the elements of mobility, strength and balance to create real and lasting health and performance benefits.


Located in the Aldershot neighbourhood of Burlington since 1955, over the years we have evolved into a full-service clinic that seeks to go beyond merely addressing one’s symptoms (pain and discomfort) and instead look to educate, inform and assist our patients.

It’s an approach to wellness that goes beyond the walls of our clinic. We offer a very popular series of lectures, seminars and hands-on courses that range from instruction on cutting-edge sports medicine techniques to the most fundamental stretching routines.

Beyond just being there for our patients, we strive to show them what they can do to be there for themselves. It’s a path that may start with eliminating pain and dysfunction, but goes beyond to focus on enhancing health, and ultimately giving a patient the tools to maintain wellness in their everyday lives.

Mobility. Balance. Strength.

Understanding how these three elements work in harmony means having the keys to a healthier you.